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About Us
President's Message 2017

David Anderson

Founded in 1982, the Princeton Photography Club is a diverse group of photographers who share ideas, techniques, and fellowship, while working to improve their photographic abilities.

The club holds meetings with eminent guest speakers and offers workshops including introductory and advanced camera techniques, color management, composition, matting and framing. Many of the club’s workshops encourage creative photography. General meetings are generally held at 7:30 PM on the second Wednesday of each month, September through June, at the D&R Greenway Land Trust, Princeton, and are free and open to the public.

The club has developed relationships with other nonprofit organizations in the area, including the Historical Society of Princeton, the Princeton Battlefield Society, the Breast Cancer Resource Center of the YWCA Princeton, and Grounds for Sculpture (GFS).

The Princeton Photography Club (PPC) provides curatorial management for the Lakefront Gallery at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton as well as the Millstone River Gallery at Merwick Care & Rehabilitation Center in Plainsboro. PPC is one of the few photography clubs with two galleries in which to exhibit. This gives both our members and, by invitation, local artists venues where they can display their talents.

Our members have undertaken two long-term projects. The first culminated in an exhibit at the Seward Johnson Center for the Arts, Grounds for Sculpture (GFS), Hamilton, NJ. The exhibit, A Grounds for Sculpture History: The Land in Pictures and Words, was on display in Fall 2015 and again at the Lakefront Gallery in Winter 2017. In 1888, the Inter-State Fair Association purchased over one hundred acres and established a permanent location for annual events. GFS's photographic archives helped guide our members as we documented the evolving changes in land use of the original fairgrounds.

Prompted by our two galleries’ diverse surrounding communities, PPC’s second long term project is a photographic documentation of “Our NJ Communities: Diversity as Witnessed Through the Lens.” On display in our Lakefront Gallery in Winter and Spring 2016 was “Celebrating Diversity,” the first exhibit generated by this project.

This exciting project reflects the future of PPC and will leave a lasting legacy of stories that images can share. We hope that the end result will be a traveling exhibit, in which the diversity of New Jersey communities will engage a large audience throughout the state.

Since celebrating PPC’s 25th anniversary, each year we have published a book, Princeton Photography Club’s Year in Review. Vince La Posta coordinated and edited the 2015 and 2016 editions. We are honored that the Princeton Public Library, the Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University, and the Plainsboro Library hold these histories of our members’ talents in their permanent collections.

Socializing at general meetings and at workshops, Princeton Photography Club members develop new and ongoing friendships. We count this as an important aspect of the PPC environment.

To learn about our club events, meetings, and members’ achievements, and to view examples of their photography, please see our website, www.princetonphotoclub.org.

An organization grows and matures by mentoring those who will take on leadership roles in the future. Carl and Sheila Geisler had successfully led the Club for 8 years and a new set of volunteer leaders are now charged with moving our club into the future. We look forward to provide our members and the public with an entertaining, provocative, and informative series of speakers, workshops, and programs. We welcome everyone interested in photography as a hobby, a profession, or an art form.

David Anderson
President, Princeton Photography Club
April 2017
Email: david@hopewellphotographic.com

Lighted, by David Anderson

Link to the submission rules for the ArtWalk, Franklin Day Art Exhibit

Franklin Day Art Exhibit September 2017


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Contact email:
President David Anderson, david@hopewellphotographic.com

Place of meetings: The D & R Greenway Land Trust, Johnson Education Center, One Preservation Place, Princeton, NJ.       

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